Bhoo Mithra Sena Club

World Wetland day Celebration(02-02-22)
World Wetland day Celebration(02-02-22)
Bhoo Mithra Sena Club Inauguration
Boo Mithra Sena Club is sponsored by the Directorate of Environment and Climate Change, Govt. of Kerala, for strengthening the commitment of students at the college level in the Kerala State. Addressing environmental issues is a multidisciplinary task and for its objective accomplishment , strong action on awareness building is essential.  If taken up at the cutting edge levels, it helps in changing the attitude of the society. For attaining this objective, it is appropriate to exploit the enormous manpower available with the students because they form the most important community having influence both in the family and in the society and also devoid of any vested interests.


  •  To encourage the students to appreciate the environment and environmental issues of the locality
  •  To provide environmental education opportunities for students and involve them in addressing
    environmental issues of the locality
  •  To utilize the enormous manpower available with students as conduits for awareness of the
  •  To make students practice and advocate sustainable lifestyles
  •  To improve the overall environmental quality of the institution.



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